Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Potato Bud Lefse

a little cheat to making lefse, still very good but a little easier

4 C B. Crocker Potato buds
1 1/2 tsp sugar
1 1/2 tsp salt
4 cups milk
1 c half and half
1 stick margarine

heat milk and margarine and half and half to boiling point
pour over potatoes, sugar and salt
let cool
add 2 c flour, roll into 2 logs, cool in fridge.
roll out dough one roll at a time about 10 lefse per roll use scant flour and pastry cloth will help use enough flour to roll out without sticking but try not to have excess on the dough
fry on griddle till light brown spots appear on both sides, cool.
freezes well
 This is easier than the traditional way of cooking potatoes and mashing them. I am not sure my grandma would approve, I remember her making the traditional recipe many times during the year,especially for the holidays. Grandpa would be the official turner and he would often get distracted and the spots would become a little too brown! Much to Grandma's disappointment! She would say "Leo!, pay attention."

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