Monday, August 27, 2012

Popcorn Party- Cake Style

Poppin good time! Your guests will love a little popcorn- cake style. Perfect for a birthday, Oscar party or movie night.
Supplies for cake
1 prepared cake, cooled and sliced in half. I used a pan that was 8 X 9.5 X 3 Pyrex 2.75 liter glass pan.
Chocolate fudge ice cream topping- 1 jar
1 c crushed sandwich cookies
1 batch homemade fondant or store bought. Die 1/4 of it red.
Vanilla icing
Caramel popcorn
When cake is completely cooled, slice and spread center with fudge and cookies, place remaining half on top. Ice entire cake with crumb coat (thin layer) Refrigerate 30 min. Roll out white fondant and place over top and sides. Roll and slice red and using water "stick" to white to create stripes.


Stick caramel corn on end of cake, just tucked inside fondant overhang.

1 batched baked cupcakes
mini marshmallows
yellow food coloring
vanilla icing

Tear mini marshmallows in half and stick back together making popped corn.

Ice cupcakes and top with marshmallows, dilute yellow food coloring with water and paint on for butter look.

cut stripped red and white paper and create popcorn bags.

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Well now isn't that just so cute?!

I love the popcorn theme! You've got such talent,girl.
...and patience,too.Pat

Sarah said...

What a cute and clever idea.

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

You've been featured at cowgirl up this week, go grab a featured button if you like.

Sherry said...

Amazing! I will feature you today at Home Sweet Home!

rashell smith said...

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