Friday, August 31, 2012

GoodBye Gluten- Review

A few years ago I had some health issues that brought gluten free living onto my radar. Something I had not been familiar with suddenly became a possible way of life. Since then I have come to know many people with a gluten intolerance, allergy, Celiac Disease or just wanting to eliminate gluten from their diet.
 A staple of our diet is bread, trying to live gluten free is a challenge with toast and sandwiches the norm. Gluten free bread can be frankly, dismal.

A new option is hitting the market. Goodbye Gluten!
The main problems with the breads I had tried previously were crumbling texture, the need for storage in the freezer and a bland taste. Eating without toasting was a nightmare until now,

  I should tell you I don't live gluten free, I fortunately don't have to, but I would and I did eat this bread!

Goodbye Gluten has a wonderful texture that does not crumble, it makes great toast and great sandwiches. Sliced bread, fresh on the counter without being frozen. In fact recommended storage is not to freeze!

I tried both white and multi grain. I was quite partial to the multi grain myself.
A very good bread, for non gluten foodies as well as the gluten tolerant.

Stop by the Goodbye Gluten site, print a coupon and ask for it at your stores and enjoy. If you have tried this bread already please leave a comment letting me know what you thought and where you purchased the product.

multi grain shown here

1 comment:

Jenny said...

I think I might love you!

I am dying for bread lately and nothing is tasting 'bread-y' to me.

GF eating can be a pain sometimes!

Thanks for the tip!

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