Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kuerig coffe maker

It has been about 10 months since my family bought me a Kuerig coffee maker for my birthday. And .....I still love it! 
One touch coffee, one cup at a time, perfect for your first morning cup, an afternoon break or quick cup of decaf in the evening.
There is a large variety of coffees, teas, and cocoas available for use with the machine. On average you will pay about 50 cents a pod.  A mesh cup made to fit the machine is also sold, it uses your own ground coffee, making for a much more economical option, it sells for around $15.00. Machines sell for $80-$140.
The water reservoir on the large size hold 12 cups.

You have the option of a small or large cup options, if you LOVE coffee and use big cups, you will have to probably hit the button twice for one cup, lifting the lid in between to "reset" the machine and make it think, so to speak, it is making two cups. Each pod can be used twice, in these ways......two brews into one cup (for an extra large cup) or one good strong cup for those who love rich coffee and the second much weaker brew for the faint of heart. Up here we call that either Norwegian coffee or church basement brew.
Note, if you are tempted to get the small version, here is what I overheard at the kitchen will be refilling the reservoir a lot!!
Hint, a great way to save money on the pods is to watch for stores that sell them and have mail coupons. One example is Bed Bath and Beyond, generally a pack of 18 sells for $10.00 there, they will often send 20% off coupons or $5 off $15 purchase, this will greatly decrease your cost. Kohl's also has coupons and you can bet if I get a free $10 to spend there or Penny's I get coffee! Yes JC Penny sells them too. 
In case your wondering how long they will be around, I always ask the sales person how much they sell of the product, everyone I have asked says it is a great seller!


marina said...

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Melissa said...

I got my first Keurig for Mother's Day two or three years ago -- I've never looked back...absolutely LOVE it. I've since converted every other coffee drinker in my family and my husband's family. Wish I could get a cut from each of the machines and all of the k-cups I've sold for them! =) Love it so much I have a "baby" Keurig in my bedroom so I'm never without my favorite coffee, lol.

The Alleman family said...

I'm not a fan of the coffee pods but I do use the basket insert thing with my own grounds. I'm actually thinking about selling mine, I prefer to just use my French press to make just one or two cups and the drip coffee maker for a pot.

free indeed said...

That maker is one I think I'd love to have! I like variety and my morning cup of 'cozy'. Thanks for your opinions.

Rajesh Balaji said...

I have bought a fresh and honest coffee vending machine for my office which uses fresh milk and grinded coffee beans. Has a built in grinder and warmer which maintains milk at 70-72degrees. The machine is fully automatic and programmable as per users preferences. Also that fresh and honest have a wide range of coffee vending machine which caters to different people depending on their needs.

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