Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eklectic Style

 starting with a great "vase" of mums

        And a little melamine........ no china needed

                                A little chocolate

                                     Cheese tray
Olives, and in case it was a little to Italian throw  in an English tea pot
                                               filled with corn relish

                                  some good friends

and a 25 cent bear from a garage sale to go with the mums when it is all done.
Who said table scape had to be perfect, sometimes it is just fun and it is more important to have friends over, never let the lack of great dishes prevent good ole' hospitality.


Mrs. P. said...

Gorgeous and I love the little chinelle bear :)


Mimi said...

Love it...Now I have a new use for the unused teapots...thanks!

Allison Shops said...

Such a cute bear. Nice idea for teapots. Dropping by from BNOTP, link #1.


Brownie said...

You remind me of a book that I have (and actually have read) "It Takes so Little to be Above Average." Not to imply that what you do is "little" (am I digging a hole here?) it's just that I think with creativity, joy and hospitality - we all have so much to offer. Your blog is an inspiration in how to actually do that.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

There's no perfect in tablescaping in real life.

I love the way you do in you settings. This is in real life not showing off what we have, where we bought and they are expensive.

We can create tablescaping by the way we feel and I adore & so happy I found one of a few using the real one while setting her table.

Million thanks for sharing with your excellent post.

Happy Mother's Days too.

Miss Merry said...

The best part of your tablescape is your family and friends around the table! Your tea pot is adorable and so is your bear. Your corn relish is mouthwatering! Thank you for sharing!

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