Thursday, May 13, 2010

Home Canning Book

If you can or have ever thought about it, I highly recommend this book. Great variety of recipes with instructions in the back.  Covers all the basics for water bath canning and pressure cooking.
All the  traditional recipes and some less common too 400 in all!

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Do you can? Any tips?

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Donna said...

I have to 'fess up - I'm kitchen challenged. Too many years in the corporate world - coupled with 3 children who all had different tastes in food and alternately hated whatever I suggested for which ever meal was next has caused me to be a little less than enthusiastic in the cooking area; husband - who was raised in North Dakota by Betty Crocker's mentor - loves to can and actually has this book. He does extensive research on resource publications so I take it as high praise that he has selected this as his canning "bible".

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