Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Smore please....

Have a smore party!!
What a quick and easy summer dessert, for just you or a house full of guests.
One of my favorite things in the summer, or winter by the fireplace is a smore gathering. Make up a batch in individual bags and keep them on hand.
At craft stores they have all sizes of bags, or use some with prints for the season. Plain ziplocks will do just fine too.
Add a couple graham crackers, a marshmallow or two and a piece of chocolate. Make it more exciting by replacing the chocolate with a peppermint patty, or a mini 3 musketeer bar, Mix and match bars, let your guests pick, Reese's tend to always go well at our house.
Place your baggies in a basket, grab your roasting sticks and dessert is ready to go, and ready for drop in guests too.
If you don't have a fire......the microwave will do just fine. AND....if your real ambitious try home made marshmallows.

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