Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tea time tablescape

Well, who ever said you need 5 dishes at each place setting???
Maybe that is proper etiquette but over here at ND kitchen....its about the food!
(ok, it would be about the dishes if I had more....I am slowly adding to my collection)

I had a little tea with some lovely friends.....

A Steele Magnolia Tea in honor of my love for the movie and the South. See the Southern May pop? how about the okra and the Wisteria pods and Magnolia leaves.

More food

Boiled peanuts anyone???

I love the simple 60's style luncheon dishes.

This piece I just found at the thrift store just before the tea for $2.00

It has a built in flower frog and holds 3 candles.
Uncle Paw Paw was assigned to polishing...
Look 17 year old son at a tea party????  Only because that is his lovely girlfriend across from him at the table.


More from this party can be seen at my blog  A Southern Belle With Northern Roots

I am linking to Table Top Thursday with BNOTP.

See recipes for Virgin Mint Juleps
                       White Chocolate Bread Pudding
                        Cucumber Walnut Sandwiches
                        Rhubarb Tea Cakes
                        Crab Salad
                        Cream Cheese Pansy Cookies
                       Coconut Macaroons
 sorry the blueberry crumble isn't posted yet but soon will be!!


Anita said...

Oh my goodness I can see why it's all about the food!! It looks so yummy! But, your table is just as pretty! Love all your "southern" things too! Funny, my son was at our tea party too this week, lol!!


I am about to die...looking for dishes & I see this splendid table laden with delicious goodies & I haven't had dinner yet. Lovely, really lovely.

Linda said...

Oh that looks like a great tea party! Yummy food....that's what it's all about here too!!

Entertaining Women said...

I can tell that your collection is well under way with some great gets...and could you send Uncle Pawpaw over? What a generous man you have there! Delicious food, precious friends, and a table laid with care...entertaining doesn't get better than that. Thank you for sharing your charming tea party. Cherry Kay

Brownie said...

It was a wonderful tea party!! I felt absolutely pampered!

Mimi said...

You must have lost my invitation on the way to post it! Oh my gosh, you sure know how to throw a party, look at all that food!

Rachel said...

I love making fruit salad on skewers... but I love your idea with lunch meat, cheese and veggies. Everything looks delish... thank you for the inspiration!
Thanks for Sharing!

Barbara said...

The food looks wonderful! I sure could use Uncle Pawpaw with the silver polishing. My dear friend just moved from Williston. Whenever I see something from ND, it makes me think of her.

Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

Looks like a great party!


Paige Thomas King said...

i'm a sucker for those snack sets from the 60s, too! i tend to focus on the food as well. i'm going to come back later and check out your recipes!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How pretty -- what a wonderful celebration with sweet southern elegance.

Marlis said...

what a nice, festive setting! The food looks scrumptious.

Sherry said...

What fun! Tea parties with friends are wonderful. I have to get busy and figure out a table setting for the brunch here at my house tomorrow morning. You have inspired me to make it special.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

My Goodness!!! I wish I was there! Your tea looks absolutely delicious!

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