Monday, March 5, 2012

Jack LaLanne Juicer

Do you juice? I never did until last year, while an unexpected hospital stay had me laying around watching cable tv, a luxury we do not have at home.  I was watching Jack and his wife on their infomercial, of course when you health is compromised, anything that seems  rejuvenating takes on new meaning and interest. can imagine my surprise when my step mom called me and said, she just came across Jack LaLanne juicers for an amazing price at a salvage store. I asked, no begged her to get me one!  She did and I was thrilled, she came to help me out in my recovery and it was a good time to start giving this thing a try.

I began once in a while but stored it in the cupboard which made not so easy. I liked it but just didn't have the counter space. Recently I made the move and placed it onto the counter which is encouraging me to juice more often. Now I use it on average 3 times a week.

The Review
overall it is an easy product to use
assembly and disassembly is easy, you must use a gadget that is included to remove the sharp blade
quality of juice is good, the fibrous left over fruits and veggies are as dry as they say on the commercial
texture of the juice is smooth but will sometimes separate and will cling to glasses so, be sure to stir if not drinking immediately and to rinse your glasses right away
clean up...not nearly as easy as they show on tv, I recommend immediate cleaning or at least soaking and you will probably need a brush for the fine mesh sieve (shown above)

left behind apple

My usual juice contains
2 large carrots
1 piece of fruit ( apple, orange, pear)
any left over berries

Citrus fruits must be peeled
this product can not use bananas
It does not make smoothies so be sure you don't order if that is what your expecting.
The model shown here sells for about $100. at this site Power Juicer
want to guess what Rachel paid for ours?

how about.....$20.00....score!!!

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