Saturday, May 14, 2011

Buttermilk Icing/ Peanut Butter Variation

Butter cream icing, as easy as pie!
For pie cupcakes I used a tad brown coloring, spread over cupcake, covered with m&m's then piped icing on and around.

Cream 1 c softened butter
           1 Tbs vanilla
           1/4 c milk

 Add powdered sugar, about 1 pound. Add enough to reach desired consistency.
add coloring if needed
Spread or place in bag and decorate

For swirled effect,
dip tooth pick in coloring and spread down sides of decorating bag, carefully place icing in bag.


For peanut butter icing,
Mix 2 c peanut butter with 3-4 Tbs milk, add powdered sugar to desired consistency.

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Anonymous said...

What a delightful surprise it was to come across your awesome blog.. and when I saw North Dakota..
it made me even more excited.. as grew up there.. and still feel like that is home.. Your recipes and photos, are great.. What an inspiration your
blog is.. and what a great way to spread the "spirit of North Dakota." I look forward to
checking your blog on a regular basis.. Best wishes from a former NODAK.

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