Monday, March 7, 2011

Fondant Calla Lilies

Learning how to use fondant and beginning in cake decorating......well the best part of it, is you have to make cake, and eat it!!
The cake used is the bakery cake recipe HERE.
Fondant is homemade marshmallow fondant found HERE, just using strawberry marshmallows for the pink color.
To form the calla lilies I used the Wilton heart cookie cutter and plastic cone set. Roll white fondant out and cut in heart shape, soften and thin edges using a roller or wooden stick. Form around cone and let dry. You can moisten the edge to help stick but be careful not to  get inside wet or it will stick to cone.
Color some of the fondant yellow and some green, cut a small green circle and then cut it in half to form the green bottom of flower.
Roll the yellow into a long oval and cover in colored sugar. Let these dry along with any leaves, stems etc. Flower pieces dried over night.

Layer cake, on this cake I placed a dam of icing to help hold in Lemon filling. Then placed a layer of thinly sliced strawberries, repeating twice. Cover entire cake with butter cream icing, recipe HERE.
Then roll out pink fondant and cover cake.

Decorate with remaining icing and place dried flowers on top.


LambAround said...

What a beautiful cake! There's going to be a fondant challenge at Camp Blogaway and I'm a bit nervous because I've never worked with it before. I'll have to keep your tutorial in mind! :)

carolyn bradford said...

Beautiful!!! just beautiful!!! We should be having this for all of our birthday celebrations!!!

Anonymous said...

Shannon, You are so talented and each time I visit your blog, I feel like I have visited in person because of your incredible photographs. Thanks so much for sharing this latest creation with us. Enjoy your day.

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