Monday, September 13, 2010

Dry Buttermilk Cheese

Heat buttermilk to a large stainless steel pot. I used 2 quarts.
Stir occasionally until 160 degrees, you will see curds and whey separating, if they do not separate, heat to 180.
Remove from heat and pour into a colander lined with butter muslin or several layers of good quality cheese cloth., Tie corners of cloth and hand to drip 6-12 hours.

Place cheese in bowl and add salt to taste. use uniodized salt
You may press with small weight if you like. This cheese is very crumbly. You may adjust time hanging, checking the texture from time to time until it is as you would like.
For a more sour cheese, let buttermilk set out at 72 degrees for 24 hours before beginning the cooking process.
Store in refrigerator for 3 weeks.


Dragonfly Treasure said...

I haven't made cheese is so many years, need to do it again.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

I forgot to say I LOVE your header!!!

Melynda said...

Hello again, LOVE the hutch in your banner! I have a hutch fetish :) After making the cheese, how would you use it? Thanks so much.

Melynda said...

Hi again, I am sharing your buttermilk cheese link on my wandering post this evening. Stop by for a look.

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