Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cakes! Cheese, Birds and Dinosaurs - Latest Creations

Life got ahead of me and I was going to make separate posts for some of the latest cakes, but, that didn't happen so I am going to share them all in one post!

Inspired by Pinterest of course and Food Magazine I set to making cheese cake....well not really.

But a couple little cakes covered in fondant and some little fondant mice....

Holes in cake were made with a melon scooper.

black licorice tails

One sweet little boy!
who also had a birthday!!

His mom and I decorated a dinosaur cake with cupcakes too!

 I also threw in my daughter's wedding shower....

A yummy chocolate and red velvet bird cage cake.

Then, made the the wedding cakes....

See the wedding cake post HERE
 I also made a few cupcakes for a benefit

chocolate cupcakes with vanilla "spaghetti" and cake ball "meatballs" and a little strawberry jam "sauce"

You might think I am sick of cake.....
but I am not, well maybe a little. We had to eat a lot of left over wedding cake! But although I am a complete novice at cake making I still love to create and learn as I go along!

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You did these?!?





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