Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Makin Bacon ~ Product Review

 Have you ever used Makin bacon? Invented by an 8 year old, it is one of the best kitchen products around. It folds down (above) for easy  storage and easily assembles. The biggest advantage is your bacon cooks without lying in the grease. All that unwanted fat collects in the tray and can be used for something else...if ya still cook old school, or if you let it set, it will solidify making it easy to scoop out and throw.
Just hang bacon, (turkey bacon shown here and NOT recommended- it does not do so well in the microwave on this gadget)  and cook. Remember bacon continues to cook for about 2 min when remove it, so don't over heat.
You can see and order the Makin Bacon product here, or at a local kitchen store. If you have used this product please comment and tell us how you would rate it.

1 comment:

LambAround said...

I've never tried this but I remember reading about it in American Girl magazine years (many years!) ago. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but now I'm old and completely paranoid and worry about cooking anything on plastic. Geez, a few years ago that never would have crossed my mind!

Oh, and my favorite comic has always been Garfield :)

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