Sunday, November 14, 2010

Herb Dinner Rolls

From the recipe Book Sister Schubert's Secret Bread Recipes
ISBN 0-8487-1517-9

1 c milk
1/4 c butter 2 1/4 - 2 1/2 c flour, divided
1/3 c rolled oats
1/3 c sugar
1 pkg dried yeast
1 large egg lightly beaten
3/4 c whole wheat flour
1 tsp salt
1 egg white lightly beaten
2 tsp dried Italian herbs
Combine milk and butter and heat until butter melts, cool to 120-130 degrees.
Combine 1 c flour, oats, sugar and yeast in large bowl. Add milk mixture and 1 egg, stir well.
Add 1 1/4 c flour, the whole wheat flour and salt Turn out onto floured surface and knead 5 min. Knead remaining 1/4c flour into dough if needed.
Place in greased bowl and cover, let rise 1 hour or until doubled.
Punch down and divide into 16 pieces, shape into ball and arrange in pan, or form long rolls in loaf pan, seen below.
Let rise until doubled. Preheat oven to 375, brush rolls with egg white and sprinkle with herbs, bake 20-25 min.


Mildred said...

I bet these make the home smell so good! My mama always loved those fancy bread/roll cloths like you have photographed.

Dishesdone said...

Those look great! I love the rolls but what a great way to make them in the loaf pan. Delicious!

Medifast said...

I picked up all the ingredients over the weekend to start baking my own bread and rolls and I am just starting the process of trying out recipes to see what is going to be our favorites, thanks for yours, I begin today.

Merut said...

Nothing is better than homemade rolls! I love how you crammed them in lengthwise. I've never seen that before, but it is an interesting presentation. Love it!

Le Ricette della Nonna said...

Hi dear, I'm Monia, an Italian mum who likes cooking and especially baking very much.
This bread is lovely and I'd like to taste it!!
I'm always searching for new recipes from all around the World, especially those ones from granny's cookbook... I sometimes use to translate them into my Blog, so I'd like to know if could take some of your recipes for my Italian Blog.
If yes, be sure that your Blog name will appear in the recipe description with a link too.
If you can suggest to me your traditional recipes, I'll be very happy. Be sure that I'd like to do the same for you!
Just to let you know, I'm officially one of your reader now!
Sorry for my English, hope you can understand enough!
Hugs, Monia (from Bologna, Italy).

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