Sunday, October 21, 2012

Planning An Evening with Appetizers- mini foods and desserts

Appetizers for dinner!
 I usually do finger foods for parties, since it is my daughter's favorite way to eat, she would always say, "why don't you make these more often?" My son's biggest complaint was that I never made enough cheese balls for the family. Now that they are both out on their own it seemed a perfect way to have a get together- finger foods- and cheese balls.
We had a table full of bite size yummies and they went fast!

Mini pizzas- store bought
sweet chili meatballs
bacon wrapped water chestnuts
mini cheese balls and crackers
deviled eggs
California rolls
ham and cream cheese pinwheels
Finger cookies
Pudding shots
Pumpkin caramel fluff

When planning the layout, I usually get out a dish for each item. I move them around until I have the correct number and placement, then put scraps of paper naming the food item to go there, first so I remember to put everything out, and second if someone helps me, they know where it goes.

Finger Cookies

A day or two ahead you can make foods that store well.
Since it is close to Halloween- we celebrate Fall ourselves but a little ghoulish fun
was had with some shortbread finger cookies.

To make use a basic short bread or low rising cookie dough, shape into fingers, score knuckles with a knife and place a slivered almond for finger nail. Bake as directed, when cool dust with cocoa powder and use red piping gel for blood. Note- this still had too much rise and the fingers were flatter than I wanted so as soon as the came out of the oven I used a spatula to smoosh them inward (kind of like gently sculpting the cooked dough, then let them rest 5 min before removing them to a cooling rack.

Also made one day ahead
California Rolls
Deviled Eggs
Pinwheels- Spread seasoned cream cheese over tortillas, place ham or thin meats and roll up. Slice into bite size pieces. You can also add pickle slices and veggies.
Meatballs can be made ahead and refrigerated or frozen until use, then warm up with any sauce.

The day of-
I made the desserts
Pudding shots
Pumpkin Caramel Fluff-
Mix 1 can pumpkin with 1 c cool whip, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp nutmeg and a half a jar of caramel ice cream topping. Place in single serve bowls, top with more cool whip and caramel and add a wafer cookie on top.

Prepare and bake
Bacon water chestnut wraps
Reheat or cook meatballs
Bake mini pizzas

pinwheels in center, chocolate pudding shooters and pumpkin caramel fluff

California rolls, deviled eggs

mini cheese balls

Meatballs with store bought sweet chili sauce, bacon wrapped water chestnuts

yes, 6 of us scarfed this down! a couple neighbors came by and managed to grab a few leftover scraps
Minis or appetizers are a little work with a big pay off- happy foodies!
If your having a party and using mini foods, I would plan on 8 - 10 apps per person and 2 mini desserts- minimum!!! that may seem like a lot but
1 egg, 2 bacon wraps, 2 meatballs, 2 pizzas, 2 cheese balls, 1 sushi roll - it adds up fast!!


Marie said...

Your pictures inspire me. I'm visual and am a bit motivated to copy this with our own flavor. Where do you get those cool white little scoops/spoon things? I just used one at a friend's house.
Thanks for the fun read.

Jenny said...

I love all these ideas! I would have never thought of entertaining like this, but it would be so much fun!

Thank you!

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