Thursday, December 1, 2011

Double Chocolate Cherries

Drain 1 10 oz jar of maraschino cherries with stems over a colander for one hour. Then place on paper towels to finish drying.
3 Tbs butter, softened
2 Tbs light corn syrup
1 oz unsweetened chocolate melted or 1 tsp cocoa
2 tsp half and half, milk or cream
2 c powdered sugar
Cream butter, corn syrup, chocolate and half and half until smooth.
Add powdered sugar, mix in and then knead until smooth. Shape a spoon full (about 1/24 of mixture) around cherry and place on wax paper. When cherries are covered refrigerate 1-2 hours.
When ready to dip, chop 1 pound of almond bark  or use 2 bags of Wilton candy melts  and melt over double boiler or in microwave, Dip cherries and return to wax paper, let set, drizzle with extra chocolate.
Tip- reserve cherry juice and add to hot cocoa.

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